The extra-long planks in the XL format of 1850 x 192 mm give new dimensions to any home interior. Spaces are stretched with this laminate flooring and are given a generous ambience. The 12 select wood decors convey the impression of an endlessly long plank in the area installed. The all-round V-joints give the installation pattern additional charm and elegance and make the wineo 500 XL V4 collection something very special - a great choice.
- 12 authentic wood looks
-  Extra-long XL panel format
-  Utilization class 32 / 32
-  All-round V-joint for the most authentic impression
-  Tried-and-tested Loc-Tec locking system
-  Suitable for underfloor heating
-  Can be used in damp rooms
-  Durable, easy care and antistatic
-  Sound-Protect Eco Plus impact sound insulation optionally available on a roll

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